Sackville St. – Let the Plastering Commence

The next few photographs show the stages achieved so far at our current project. The was taken after the carpet and fitted wardrobes had already been removed. The second was taken after hours of steamy wallpaper stripping which included the nicotine being melted from the ceiling into one’s hair! Lastly, plastering, it looks like we are finally getting somewhere. Not long for the paint

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1 – First fix electrics
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1 – Wallpaper stripped. Boarded ceiling
Bedroom 1 - Plastering
Lovely new plaster!

A couple of views taken from the other end of the bedroom before plastering started showing the transformation from one large room to having the third bedroom reinstated.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1 with new radiators
Bedroom 3
The creation of bedroom 3/nursery/study

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