The Attack of the Lellandii

Lellandii, the gardener’s favourite / most hated hedging shrub. This is what happens if you plant it and then just let it go, in other words The Attack of the Lellandii. Our latest project at Sackville Street, Raunds had a neglected external space from the dilapidated fences, to the overgrown beds and the huge shrubs at the end threatening the original Victorian factory wall.

The garden at the end was dead 6ft back from the fence

The neighbour at the end of the garden was “delighted” when I told her that I was going to have these two beasts removed (at a considerable cost I may add). After all these years she would have daylight in the house after 1 pm!

All I needed from her was access from the road to the end of her garden and somewhere to put the shredder and of course the use of her garden for a couple of days. There is no access through the project apart from via the house.

No more Leylandii

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